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Thanks you very much for providing the TARR reports. I complete approximately 200 URAR and 100 ERC appraisal reports per year and the time that your service saves me pays for the cost of the service many times over. It is very "user friendly" and I especially appreciate that you provide active listings for the prior 7-12 month period, prior 4-6 month period, and current 3 month period.

Lyman Dixon

"I have been using statistics provided by Stacey's 1004MC tool since the MC report became a requirement. It has been essential for our firm in creating the most accurate, compliant and complete reports possible. The statistics collected and delivered by this tool help us determine market trends within a neighborhood, zip code, or TMLS market area- which is a critical part of our neighborhood and market analysis. There is simply not a better way to collect and report this data for our clients in appraisal reports."

Matt Harmon

"I have been using the TARR MC statistical information since its inception and it is a part of every appraisal I complete. It allows me to support my market area and neighborhood trends in the reporting form. This is the only web site program that freezes active listings in the time periods needed to complete the form. The web site is very easy to use, quick, and filters by neighborhoods. It makes completing the MC form quick and accurate."

Tim McNamara

"I have been an enthusiastic user of the data available at TARR for nearly 3 years now, and I rely on it more and more, as I discover new uses for the reports and statistics. As an appraiser, I use the MC Addendum tool frequently, but I've come to rely on the Historical Closing data report, since it is more logical to look at activity per quarter, and year over year for the same quarter. This one report can pull a neighborhood into focus for you very quickly. I use it in non-lending appraisals because it shows trends so clearly for those not used to reading statistics and charts. As an investor, I don't buy a house or sell a house without using most of the tools available at TARR - the reports, the AVM, the graphs and the house pricing worksheets. My subscription to TARR has provided a reliable source for published data to quote and present in appraisal work, and on which to base my own real estate business decisions."

Ingrid Ruiz



The TARR Report is instrumental in educating my buyers and sellers on the current local real estate market dynamics. I really like to start with the market in general and then drill down into the neighborhood specifics. For example, if I am working with a luxury home buyer in Cary I will pull the Luxury Home Report and the Cary Market report to explain the dynamics of this segment. Since our real estate market is very different than many other markets across the country the TARR report guides my clients through the specifics. I use the TARR report with all of my clients.

Tracy Santrock

Having access to the depth of research found in your TARR report continues to be immensely beneficial to our real estate practice. Specifically, your statistical analysis of market saturation and appreciation/depreciation data has helped us so many times to explain to sellers true market conditions. Your data is especially helpful as an aid to explain supply and demand in defined price points and specific geographic areas. This information helps our clients enter the market armed with knowledge. We look forward to each report!

Cindy Leonard & Chuck Hinton
RE/MAX United

I am a firm believer that numbers do not lie and anyone claiming to be a professional had better know their numbers. The local research provided by TARR is an exceptional product that gives you and your clients truth about your local market. It is a huge time saver for Realtors having the data researched and presented in an easy to understand format including graphs each month. I use it for my personal knowledge and share it with my clients too. You can't make a good business decision with bad information. TARR gives you and your clients the information they need to make fully informed decisions

Linda Craft, President, CEO, CDPE, CRS, CIAS, e-Pro

I use Tarr Reports in every aspect of my business. The data is a fundamental part of every listing presentation I make and it has proved to be very effective when negotiating buyer contracts. Additionally, it keeps me up to date on local market conditions that I am happy to share with present, past and future clients. People want to know what's going on in real estate and Tarr Reports provides me with the information I need to help dispel the myths and give them the facts. I am a fan!

Tania Tinsley Little, Broker | REALTOR", RCA, SFR

"I consider the TARR Report one of the best tools available for agents to access for credible information on all aspects of the Triangle Market. It is where I go to first to prepare for a listing appointment and to determine values for offers for my buyers. I check the trends for the neighborhood and area, the showings for the price range, and the pendings, sales, and amount of inventory for comparable homes. I look at the market indicators and appreciation rates for the area as well as the valuation model. As realtors our clients look to us to for information and counsel on the biggest transactions of their lives. The TARR Report helps me to provide my clients with the best information available."

Linda Crews

We really do not know how we functioned on the listing side of our business without the TARR Report and all the other timely information you provide the realtor community. It is an invaluable tool, always reliable and up to date and just the hard facts that realtors and consumers need to make informed decisions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your initiative and hard work which make our tough jobs a whole lot easier every day!

Kelly Cobb

The information available within your TARR report is priceless and something I depend upon heavily. It is so vital, both with buyers, sellers and agents to have a good feel and understanding of local market conditions. I have not found any site or person that studies, knows and presents it better than you. I literally would be lost without it!! Thank you, Thank you!!

Ruby Henderson

As a Triangle Real Estate Specialist who works in a variety of price points and communities, the TARR Report helps me stay on top of the market from both a broad point of view and a more microscopic view through its special reports such as the Luxury Home Market Report and the Condo/Townhome Report. I have found that accurate market data is one of the key elements when presenting to a customer a market analysis. The data in the report helps me present the housing market on a personal level to each specific customer. The information provided in the TARR Report sets the stage when working with a customer in pricing their home for sale. It is also a valuable resource when sharing with buyers specific information regarding the housing market in the area where they are purchasing a home. I look forward to each and every report!

Kimberly Conroy

The TARR report is a key component of every listing presentation I go on! I review certain segments with the homeowners including absorption rate, appreciation rates and other data all in an effort to educate the owners about the market. My team also uses the TARR report for monthly updates to our sellers, information for our buyers and we include certain stats in our e-newsletter. Thank you Stacey for such valuable information!

Linda Trevor
2011 RRAR President

I've discussed the TARR report with other agents in various markets across the US and few have any report that is vaguely comparable. We are so fortunate! I would not feel prepared to serve home sellers or prospective home buyers without constant review of the Stacey's TARR Reports.

Marti Hampton


Broker in Charge

Stacey provides a thorough and insightful analysis of the Triangle's residential real estate market. His timely, detailed reports help Allen Tate associates understand the numbers and explain the trends to our clients. His Continuing Education classes are sought out by real estate licensees, and his grasp of the factors relating to proper pricing and the appraisal process makes his words trustworthy and conclusive. The Triangle real estate community is fortunate to have a market analyst of his caliber.

Tom Gongaware, CRB, e-PRO., GRI, ABRM
Allen Tate Company
General Sales Manager - Triangle Region

I would like to begin by thanking Stacey for his commitment to distributing local market conditions to the ones who use it daily. Our Associates here at the Brier Creek Office of Fonville Morisey genuinely see the value of the TARR Report and use it on a consistent basis. The fine tuning Stacey does on the numbers helps our Associates explain, in a comprehensible fashion, the true state of the local real estate market to our clients. The more informed our clients are "the better decisions they make when it comes to buying and selling. One of our jobs as REALTORS is to educate our clients" and the TARR Report makes the undertaking much simpler. Thanks Stacey for providing a clearer picture into the ever changing muddy waters we call Real Estate!

Eddie Brown
Business & Production Coach - B.I.C.
Fonville Morisey Realty
Brier Creek Office

The TARR Report is one of the most valuable tools our associates utilize in their real estate practice. Having access to current market statistics of not only the Triangle, but also specific towns, neighborhoods and price points is another way for agents to reinforce the value of their services. Whether buying or selling a home, our clients are interested in and benefit from knowing current home values, showing statistics and days on the market.

Lynn S. Britt

"For many years now, Stacey's TARReport has been an indispensible resource for my agents. As brokerage agents we are hired, in part, for our ability to help valued clients make sense of the market. TARR helps us help them make sense out of the flood of information that is out there. It is no surprise that Stacey's prominence in the real estate community has grown to where it is today."

Fred Stevens
Managing Broker, PruYSU Meadowmont

The TARR 24/7 website is an invaluable aid to our agents and we appreciate the quality and depth of the research Stacey does on a monthly basis. It's extremely helpful and informative for our agents and our clients. Your website is a treasure and such an asset to the market. Thanks for doing it!!!

Jenny McLeod
Managing Broker, PruYSU North Hills

The TARR report and analysis Stacey provides prove to be an invaluable tool for the agents of Raleigh Cary Realty! To have a 3rd party report that is easy to read and understand has allowed the firms' agents to educate our clients with facts and an unbiased opinion on how to interpret the market statistics. The clients feel their best interest are being served and more empowered to make informed decisions with the knowledge.

George Wilson
Raleigh Cary Realty

The TARR report is a great tool for our agents. It provides them current, specific market data that is a great asset in listing presentations. Another important use is to quote relevant data in their personal marketing via blogs and social media outlets. Love having the support of the team at TARR to build our business and help us understand how our specific markets are trending.

Kevin Woody
President, Go Realty




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